More Proof Hollywood Is Running Out Of Ideas – Wall.E

April 19, 2008

May I Present To You: “Wall-E”

Hollywood is really running out of ideas. When I was a kid, I loved the movie series “Short Circuit.” It was about a robot, Johnny 5, who was struck by lightening, then started behaving like a kind, benevolent human being.

Side bar: dear God, maybe if you struck Madonna with lightening, then maybe she’ll start behaving like a human being instead of a brutish beast harassing and robbing people.

But I digress. Disney Pictures, the folks that ripped of “Finding Nemo” from French author, Franck Le Calvez, and “Pirates of the Caribbean” from Orlando, Florida writer, Royce Matthew, are at it again with their forthcoming film “Wall-E” who looks just like “Johnny 5” from the 1980’s movie mentioned above and the storyline is similar as well.

However, the film is not a remake, pointing to the blatant theft of copyright. The director of Wall E admitted he did see the preexisting film “Short Circuit” and “may have been influenced by it.” May have? Um, I’d say you ripped it off.

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