More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 2)

April 17, 2008

Madonna Rips Off Deeelite

April 17. 2008

Deeelite’s lead singer Lady Miss Kier

Deeelite was a 1990’s group that released an album titled “World Clique.” Their music and image was different and they stood out.

“World Clique” featuring the track “Power Of Love”

So much so, that once again, resident entertainment industry thief Madonna ripped them off the following year after they released their hit debut album.

Lady Miss Kier who Madonna began ripping off in music and image which she’s done to so many others

Deeelite became famous off the song “Grove Is In The Heart” that was played constantly. Madonna, then ripped off the band’s second single “Power Of Love” the year after its release.

As usual, she stole copyrighted works like no one would notice. Well, people did. The rip off was so sub-standard that it becomes revolting when listening to the two songs back to back. Major drop off in quality.

Not only do the songs sound alike musically and have mutual lyrics and the same hook, Deeelite’s smooth, powerful vocals steamroll Madonna’s thin, grating, annoying, whiney, tranny voice rip off.

Deee-Lite’s “Power of Love” released on their August 7, 1990 album has a hook with the line “I believe in the power of love” repeated over and over again through out the song.

The following year, Madonna’s self-written (LOL) “Rescue Me” released February 26, 1991 has a hook with the SAME LINE “I believe in the power of love” repeated over and over again throughout the song, sung in the same key, melody and with the same rhythm running under the track, as the preexisting Deee-lite song “Power Of Love.”



Deee-Lite’s “Power of Love” August 7, 1990
Songwriters: Deee-Lite


Madonna’s “Rescue Me” February 26, 1991

Songwriters (LOL): Madonna And Shep Pettibone

* Deeelite video posted above is taken from a 1996 compilation, but the song and video were originally released to the public in 1990 as a promo clip from the “World Clique” album.

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