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FBI Agent Throws Rapper Akon Under The Bus

April 17, 2008

FBI Agent Debunks Akon’s Rap Sheet

April 17. 2008

Gwen Stefani’s producer and tour buddy, Akon, was charged for throwing a kid into the audience at a New York concert. Now, the FBI has thrown him under the bus, via the Smoking Gun, for lying about his criminal record in other matters.

FBI agent Peter McFarlane pimp slapped Akon, stating he isn’t the major criminal he makes himself out to be in magazines, to boost his street credibility.

The FBI agent also said Akon is not so smart for stealing a $75,000 BMW, but tossing out the guitar that was in the trunk, because it turned out to be worth more than the car he stole, which he went to jail for.

The estimated value of the guitar is $250,000 (LOL). And you call yourself a musician, Akon. What’s next? Are you going to break a Stradivarius on stage.

Side bar: FBI agent McFarlane also threw a member of Jermaine Dupri’s group Jagged Edge under the bus for buying stolen cars. How ironic that they made a song bragging about “Keys To The Range (Rover).”

Jagged Edge, performers of the song “Keys To The Stolen Range” pose in front of a car that could be stolen.


Three months before Akon was arrested driving the car, the vehicle had been stolen from in front of the Columbus, Georgia office of Robert Schiffman, a wealthy financier. Schiffman also was a collector of valuable guitars, one of which happened to be in the trunk of the sedan when it was taken. The car thieves, though, were unaware that the instrument, a 1931 Herman Hauser that once belonged to the classical guitar virtuoso Andres Segovia, was worth more than the BMW itself. The guitar, then valued at $100,000, was one of only two instruments that Hauser built for Segovia (the other guitar, made in 1937, is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection).

Along with everything else in the car that could trace back to the BMW’s owner, the guitar was discarded by the thieves. The instrument, still in its $1200 case, was eventually discovered in a roadside bush by a BellSouth lineman. Five years later, the Hauser guitar finally found its way back to Schiffman, who is now seeking to sell the guitar for upwards of $250,000.

McFarlane, 62, who has worked auto crime cases for Georgia’s Department of Revenue since his FBI retirement, laughed out loud when told of Akon’s claims about running a “notorious” auto theft ring, owning chop shops, and being brought down by turncoat underlings. “Ah, this is bull****. This guy is so phony. He’s an arrogant SOB,” said McFarlane. Asked about Akon, Brewer said, “I don’t think he had any role besides [wanting] to drive a high-dollar vehicle. And I say this because we didn’t link him to any other cars.”

Nobody was arrested for the actual theft of the BMW, and it is unclear how Akon obtained the auto. Though both McFarlane and Brewer recalled how a member of Jagged Edge, an Atlanta-based R&B group, opted to purchase stolen cars at a deep discount.


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