Ranch Raid

April 16, 2008

Polygamist Ranch Raided By Police

April 16. 2008

beautiful woman brainwashed by bad hairstyle and bad cult

Did you guys see the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints cult member, Kathleen, complaining on CNN Monday night from San Angelo, Texas.

I watched it thinking what are you guys complaining about. Be glad they sent the police. If they’d sent the FBI you guys would have been Ruby Ridged.

Most of the time I’m very socially conscious and a deep thinker, but I do have moments of superficiality. All I could think watching them on TV was, you know they’re in a cult, look at their hair and clothes.

That’s all I kept thinking – who did that to your hair and clothes? And why did you let them? They shouldn’t have called the police, they should have called the fashion police on them. Just kidding.

I noticed there were no black women in the cult. That’s because white women are nice. A black woman finds out you are married to more than one woman and it’s over for you.

white woman’s reaction: I can’t believe you did this. how could you (sound of crying is heard).

black woman’s reaction: (sound of screaming is heard) you did what? do you have a death wish? you must want me to get you. you’ve got me living on this ranch with no cable TV, wearing this 1600’s hairstyle and a smock dress with a crocheted doily around the neck. I can barely breathe with this collar that should qualify as a necklace, and you didn’t bother to tell me you have another wife!

Just kidding. I know white women that would have drop kicked and body slammed Warren Jeffs too, upon finding out about the polygamy.

disclaimer: this web site does not advocate violence.

But back to Kathleen, a college educated cult member, that was so disoriented and zombie-like during the interview, that it was a terrible testament to what these fringe groups do to people. She responded to the interviewer’s questions like a programmed robot. I felt sorry for her.

She’s asked CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper, “How would you feel if they (government) took your kids.” Then I’m thinking, um, according to blogs, he’s gay! Next question.

On a serious note, as for Warren Jeffs, he should get life in prison for what he’s done to these people. They are so brainwashed and mentally ill, it is sad. The things Jeffs has gotten them involved in is thoroughly illegal. Sex with minors and polygamy constitutes numerous breaches of U.S. law.

The government was right to take the kids from the compound, as no young woman or young man should be subjected to that. Their parents exhibit a complete lack of responsibility, accountability and show no grasp on reality.

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