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Bush Worried About Greenhouse Effect

April 16, 2008

Yea, the Greenhouse Effect Is Worried About You Too

…After Starting A War That Is Making It Worse

April 16. 2008

George Bush: I can be Al Gore!

An Associated Press article this week stated George Bush is announcing his, “Goal for stopping greenhouse emissions.” He should be more concerned about stopping greenback emissions via that expensive war that is bleeding the Treasury dry.

You need to bring the soldiers back to their families. You are not going to redeem yourself as a president by leaving them there longer, after sending them to Iraq over a self-concocted lie. Too many people in the world are suffering because of you, here and abroad.

Furthermore, how are you going to be a spokesman for this issue, after commanding a war, with massive amounts of pollutants being emitted in Iraq via 140,000 soldiers using trucks, tankers, SUVs and massive weaponry and the foreign contingent firing back at them. Or did you not think of that.

Wow, Ike is showing all his teeth in that pic, isn’t he

That’s like Ike Turner being a spokesman against crack. You need to find a green member of Congress to front that campaign:

Bush to announce goal for stopping greenhouse emissions

By DEB RIECHMANN – 2 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) β€” President Bush, stepping into the debate over global warming, plans to announce on Wednesday a national goal for stopping the growth of greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades.


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