Madonna Killed Her Husband’s Libido

April 15, 2008

…And His Career

April 15. 2008

Madonna and her, er, trainer, working out. Is that what they’re calling it now.

Madonna keeps trying extra hard to make the public believe that she and her husband, Guy Ritchie, who she’s all but destroyed, have a great marriage and wonderful sex life. The only problem is, no one believes that and have written articles and blogs to that effect.

As a result, she changed her story to say her husband’s libido died as a result of a cookie diet. If you say so.

Are you sure it’s not being married to a she-male psychopath with a personality disorder, who keeps transforming into other known singers, killed your career, made her face plastic and non-human with way too much surgery and transformed her body into that of He-man and Mr. Universe combined, coupled with rumored Herpes, that did the trick.

Madonna training with Gwyneth Paltrow, who is covering her face.

Men like feminine women. The only men that like butch women are drag queens…and your ex-girlfriend Rosie O’Donnell.

I don’t believe Guy Ritchie’s libido is gone. He’s been using it elsewhere according to rumors in London. Maybe if Madonna would spend less time being nosy in younger singers’ personal business and stealing everybody else’s work, and paid attention to her own marriage, she would notice that.

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