Lindsay Living With Lover

April 15, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Fornicator Lindsay Lohan has been living with her lover, but it’s not what you think. It’s another woman, Samantha Ronson. Oh dear.

The felon, Lohan, busted twice for DUI and cocaine possession, continues to hang around one of her worst influences. As some of you may remember, when Lohan was arrested last year for DUI and drugs, Ronson was in the car with her.

She was also photographed with Lindsay, while the former actress went out and got high and skunk drunk at various Los Angeles drug dens watering holes.

It is also being reported that Lindsay refuses to visit her grandma in the hospital, who is suffering with cancer.

You Kabbalah nutters don’t seem to care about cancer sufferers, as when you’re not ignoring them in their poor, infirmed state, you’re trying to fleece them out of their money, by telling them that government board cited, polluted Kabbalah water, sold to them at exorbitant prices, coupled with big financial donations to you, will cure them, which is unscientific and plain cruel (BBC documentary and other supporting international articles).

May God have mercy on you for fleecing cancer victims and prolonging their suffering, in turning them away from medical science in favor of quackery.

You’re the kind of cult, that say a cure to cancer was found, you’d steal the money the lab had to mass produce it, so you could keep selling that phony Kabbalah water.

Robert “Double Standard” Mueller, is a first rate hypocrite. Overcame prostate cancer, yet allows Madonna and that Kabbalah cult to fleece cancer victims from U.S. Shores, because the figurehead is famous.

It’s amazing that the FBI has clamped down on a few individuals that unethically sold fake cures, yet mysteriously has overlooked the unmitigated criminal fraud the Kabbalah Center and Madonna openly engage in from U.S. shores, regarding defrauding cancer patients and others struggling with disease, via fraudulent Kabbalah water.

Does someone need to scan Robert Mueller’s bank account, as he loves doing to innocent Americans he’s spied on, misusing the Patriot Act, for which he was condemned in Congress.

Clearly the phrase “Liberty and justice for all” is not in Robert Mueller’s vocabulary. Nice work protecting victims Mr. Mueller – not!

Lindsay Lohan’s pal Samantha Ronson has “practically moved in” with the troubled star at her Los Angeles pad in a bid to make sure she stays away from drugs.

“Sam still has her own place,” a source told the New York Post, “but she spends every night at Lindsay’s” to make sure she stays away from drink, drugs and trouble.

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