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FBI Blamed For London Bombings

April 15, 2008

First 9/11 Now This!

April 15. 2008

Robert “The Mouth” Mueller

It was established that the FBI’s criminal negligence cause the 9/11 bombings to happen unfettered. Now comes news via documents released to the EFF under the Freedom Of Information Act, that the FBI’s criminal negligence also caused the London bombings of 2005 to go through as well.

How ironic that just days ago FBI Director Robert Mueller arrogantly slammed the British government in the Daily Mail, for not using plea deals to catch terrorists.

PM Gordon Brown: he did wot!?

Pride goes before a fall, as it has now been revealed today that under Mueller’s direction and terrible leadership, vital FBI intel was not passed to the English in time, which would have saved the many lives that were lost in the London bombings.

If you didn’t give those FBI agents such terrible directions all the time, these things wouldn’t keep happening. First 9/11 under your tenure and now this.

The FBI agents aren’t the problem, it’s you! (FBI Agent Harry Sammit proved that). Do America and Britain a favor and quit, because all you keep doing is getting people killed!

Emails Cite FBI Errors in London Probe

April 15, 2008; Page A16

WASHINGTON — Missteps by Federal Bureau of Investigation officials caused delays in the investigation of a man initially linked to the 2005 London subway bombings, but bureau officials blamed the slowdown on restrictions to their subpoena power, according to email records.

The FBI documents, released Monday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, describe a series of miscues by FBI officials as agents in Raleigh, N.C., tried to obtain records for a former university student who investigators initially thought had ties to the London bombers. The missteps appear to have delayed the investigation by a day or two, according to the emails.

The emails are likely to provide ammunition for critics of the Bush administration and the FBI at congressional hearings Tuesday and Wednesday on the misuse of national-security letters, which has been documented by Justice Department audits.


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