Madonna Steals Kylie’s Choreographers

April 14, 2008

Kylie Minogue

Madonna’s sick transformation into Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue is almost complete. She’s stolen her album cover, her music and now she has managed to steal Kylie’s choreographers, leaving the Australian singer without dance moves for her forthcoming tour.

Madonna is being bashed online for this conduct. Kylie’s fans aren’t amused. This isn’t the first time Madonna has done this. When Courtney Love made her debut in the 90’s with that whole grunge scene and became popular, an article came out about how Madonna proceeded to steal her stylist, hairstylist and make-up artist and attempted to duplicate her look.

When Courtney publicly complained, Madonna asked a journalist to write an article saying she was flattering herself and imagining the whole thing. Turns out, it’s just Madonna’s way, as she’s doing it now to Kylie as well.

Looking back, I do remember that latter portion of the “Ray Of Light” phase where Madonna went around looking like Courtney Love’s twin. I was never a Madonna fan and really didn’t follow the grunge movement, so I didn’t realize what the inspiration was for that whole rip off.

That same “Ray Of Light” album produced plagiarism claims and lawsuits from others as well. Kleptomaniac Madonna was just stealing everybody’s stuff and still is today.

Remember when she went through her phase of mimicking Cydi Lauper, then Debbie Harry (Blondie). Neither woman was happy about it. When you think about it, her conduct is sick.

Madonna was never original. Actually, she is a hoodlum that steals massive amounts of copyrights, then pays journalists to bully and defame other artists that dares challenge her stealing sprees. However, she’s done it too many times now for it to be denied.

Side bar: a writer recently said of Madonna and Kylie, “You can consider her Australia’s answer to Madonna – except that Kylie hasn’t turned into a bony old whore.” (source)

Madge steals Kylies choreographers

London, April 7 (ANI): Madonna has left Kylie Minogue in a state of panic after stealing the Aussie singers choreographers on the eve of her big comeback tour.

Madonna poached the Talauega Brothers, Richmond and Tone, despite the pair giving their consent to work with Kylie on her KYLIEX2008 dates, which start on May 6.

According to sources, the move suggests that an announcement of Madonna’s tour dates is just approaching.

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