Madonna Steals From French Singer Sheila

April 14, 2008

Singers Blondie, Alison Goldfrapp and others have slammed Madonna for stealing from them. She also stole from French artist Guy Bourdin and his estate sued her and won a settlement. We can now add one more to the list that I found on a message board.

Another French artist, singer Sheila, has slammed Madonna for stealing from her. I don’t doubt she did. If you haven’t already, take a look at how many artists Madonna’s stolen from to achieve her various, so-called reinventions click here.

She also stole from Belgian artist Salvatore Acquaviva, then pretended she didn’t know who the foreign singer was and claimed she had never heard his song. Then a photo was unearthed of a freeloading Madonna, before she became famous, having lunch in Belgium with Acquaviva’s producer.

It is easy to reinvent oneself when one rips off the music and images of many other singers. However, it means going down in history as a fraud of the highest order.


Story found here

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