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Champagne Glass “Smacks Flames Out Of” Diddy’s Butt

April 11, 2008

Champagne Glass 1, Diddy 0

April 11. 2008

Diddy, 38, and his non-singing, non-dancing, just turned 18 the other day, copycat, alleged singer girlfriend Cassie. It’s amazing how many major blogs on the internet can’t pronounce your name correctly, Cassie. They all mysteriously drop the letter C. Is the C in your name silent?

A few months ago, Warner Music rapper and frequent name changer, Sean Combs A/K/A Diddy, was sued for assaulting a man and telling him “I’ll smack flames out of your a**.” Diddy is said to have done so, backed up by his bodyguards. At least it was a fair fight then (not).

This week, a glass of champagne “smacked flames out of” Diddy. It is being reported that Diddy got into a fight with a glass of champagne in Miami and lost, requiring 40 stitches to his foot.

Apparently, the glass of champagne did not like the way Diddy grabbed her by the neck and called her “flat.” He said she “wasn’t bubbly enough.”

In a sudden retaliatory move, the glass of champagne proceeded to slice Diddy like a lemon, while flanked by her bodyguards Dom Perignon, Moet and Ripple.

Seriously, Diddy partying too much as usual, probably didn’t notice the champagne glass on the ground and stepped on it. I remember an article a couple years ago, where he went to a New York doctor with a slit wrist that he blamed on a champagne glass as well. Why is he always getting cut up like roast beef.

Diddy, “You might be a redneck alcoholic.” He is the black Lindsay Lohan. Put the drink down, already.

If this article doesn’t win me a Peabody, nothing will.

Seen on the Scene

P. Diddy slashed his foot on a champagne glass during an after party at his Star Island mansion while frolicking around his pool at 6 a.m. He reportedly received 40 stitches at the hospital. Sources tell me it also prohibited Diddy from attending the Russell Simmons Art For Life event here in Miami and serving as the honorary chair.

The absence of Diddy was all guests could talk about, and the fact he reportedly gave no heads up, but the event went on and raised thousands and thousands of dollars.


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