More Madonna Thefts Uncovered (Part 1)

April 10, 2008

Madonna Rips Off Tina Turner And Others

April 10. 2008

Internet audiences have been posting comparative examples of Madonna’s thefts of other artists’ preexisting copyrighted works, attesting to the fact that she’s stolen everything in her career. Here are a few of the thefts I found highlighted on other web sites.

In the left column is Tina Turner’s “Acid Queen” album artwork from 1975. To the right is Madonna’s rip off artwork from 2005. Notice they are wearing the same style red dress, red shoes, doing the same type of poses and Madonna darkened her bleached blonde hair to look like Tina’s for the photos. How unoriginal of her, once again.

In the left column is another photo from Tina’s 1975 “Acid Queen” (Tommy ©1969) showing a double image photo of her in the red outfit. To the right is Madonna’s rip off, 30 years later in 2005, wearing a knock off version of Tina’s red dress and shoes and also utilizing double imagery.

In the left column are various photos from the 70’s and 80’s. In the right column are airbrushed Madonna photos from 2005 and 2006.
And from last month:
Madonna’s “Express Yourself” in 1989 (left column) and Metropolis by Frtiz Lang in 1927 (right column)

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