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FBI Blames Joe Lieberman For Site Problems

April 10, 2008

Joe Lieberman’s 2006 campaign web site was going down more than the Olympic torch, prompting his camp to say it had been hacked by a rival.

Side bar: that torch has been jumped more than a gang member.

The FBI did an investigation, and decided that the site was not hacked, but had received too many emails, causing it to crash.

If the emails that crashed the site were not sent by a hacker, in the form of generated spam, to bring the site down, then yes, it does not constitute hacking.

However, if you deliberately flood someone’s site with emails (spam) in attempts at trying to take it down, because you are a nutcase that can’t stand whatever is written on it, then it qualifies as a denial of service attack (hacking).

On a personal note, my web site has experienced malicious, hacker generated spam in the form of 10,000 emails that contained numerous invasive items unique to me.

That pretty much let me know I was targeted. That and “copyright infringement” exposΓ© articles I wrote, specifically relating to the hacker’s crazy pop star client, Madonna, were mysteriously removed from the site without my permission.

Said hacker also deleted specific articles/columns that were critical of her conduct as well. He only targeted the Madonna stuff on the site and left all the other unrelated articles online. It further fit the invasive pattern of misconduct from this case. Not to mention, two unaffiliated computer diagnostics companies ran checks on my computers in separate incidents and both independently came to the conclusion, in writing, that the systems had been hacked.

FBI Director Robert Mueller: look, I don’t even know where the internets is!

In another incident, the hosting company admitted in an email that there was indeed a “denial of service” attack as well – but I pretty much guessed that when I woke up in the morning and my site was gone. That was a dead giveaway. However, it wasn’t their fault, as I was being targeted once again and the hosting company did reverse the damage, putting the site back online.

The Constitution and most world democracies guarantee individuals the right to free speech via some legislative mechanism. Yet, it is amazing how some hackers will violate that right, because they are being paid by unscrupulous people to do so. There’s nothing noble about that. You aren’t some star hacker. You’re a criminal.

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site

A federal investigation has concluded that U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s 2006 re-election campaign was to blame for the crash of its Web site the day before Connecticut’s heated Aug. 8 Democratic primary.


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