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Cheerleaders Savagely Beat Female Student

April 9, 2008

In a very sad story, a group of 6 high school cheerleaders in Orlando, Florida, savagely beat a fellow female student to the point she suffered a concussion, loss of vision in one eye and loss of hearing in one ear.

One of the students lured her to a house, that unbeknownst to her, contained fellow classmates waiting to ambush her. They videotaped each other taking turns beating her up. Two male students stood as lookouts outside the property.

Her crime you ask? She exercised her constitutional right to free speech and said something about them they didn’t like.

When the authorities found her, she was covered in bruises after being beaten for 30 minutes, while the depraved students videotaped the attack to put it online at YouTube.

The entire incident is absolutely appalling. The prosecutor referred to it as “a pack mentality” and that it is. It also reeks of cowardice.

Why did it require 6 people to beat up 1 defenseless girl, who from the photos, appears to have been trying to shield herself and not fighting back. Why did they think that was the way to treat another human being.

The young women that perpetrated these misdeeds need serious help. They could have killed her. Not only were their deeds cowardly it was psychopathic.

The prosecutor in the case seeks to try them as adults and I think he is correct. They’ve permanently changed a young girl’s life and ought to lose their freedom in exchange.

They all need to be evaluated by psychologists as well, as they clearly pose a risk to the public to plan then carry out something so barbaric.

Wasn’t there a movie like this. I saw a movie trailer on TV similar to this, but I didn’t watch the film, about a group of violent cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders Pummel Girl For 30 Minutes In ‘Animalistic’ Ambush Attack, Police Say
Sheriff: ‘Shocking, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’

POLK COUNTY, Fla. — Six teen girls lured a former friend to a home and ambushed her, taking turns pounding on her face and body for 30 minutes until she was unconscious as someone videotaped the violence, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

“Shocking, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. “They seem to have absolutely no remorse at all. I don’t understand the sheer violence.”

Investigators said the victim apparently posted something against the six girls on MySpace before she was lured to the home by a phone call from teen Mercedes Nichols.

The girl was taken to a hospital by ambulance and treated for a concussion, damage to her left eye and left ear, and numerous bruises, the report said.

The girl can no longer see well out of one eye and hear from one ear, Local 6 reported.



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