Lindsay Lohan And Co. Sued Again

April 8, 2008

…By Another Bodyguard

April 8. 2008

Lindsay is picky…literally:

This family just stays sued. Last month, Lindsay Lohan’s mother was ordered to pay a former bodyguard $300,000. He loaned her the money to start her daughter’s career, then she tried to pretend it was a gift that didn’t require repayment. The judge decided otherwise and levied a $300,000 judgment against her.

This month Lindsay and co. are being sued by another bodyguard regarding unpaid wages.

Ex-bodyguard sues Lindsay Lohan for unpaid wages

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A former bodyguard for Lindsay Lohan has sued the actress, saying she owes him more than $55,000 in pay and expenses for protecting her from fans and paparazzi.

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