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Bush’s Legacy

April 8, 2008

Bush Bashed

April 8. 2008

A poll conducted recently determined that Bush’s presidency has been deemed “a failure” by historians. It further questioned his place in history, proclaiming him dead last among presidents (*Bubba breathes a sigh of relief*).

It’s amazing that Bill Clinton did far less damage to the nation and engaged in much less malfeasance than Bush, yet Bubba was the one that got impeached.

Bush has lied to billions about a devastating war, cost over a million people their lives in what many regularly refer to as genocide, spent all the money in the U.S. Treasury like a drunk in Vegas, spied on Americans via the FBI and NSA in violation of the Constitution, severely violated the Geneva Conventions, let corporate cronies run amok, damaging the economy and financially wounding the nation’s citizens.

Bill Clinton: how come Bubba got impeached for interning, while he blows up a whole nation and gets nothing!

Yet he’s not been impeached, not even symbolically like Bubba was, and once again, Bubba did far less.

If there was ever a president that deserved it, certainly it is Bush. I think you owe the nation and the world a serious apology for the destabilization and massive loss you’ve caused.

It is clear based on his conduct and subsequent findings that later exposed his misdeeds, Bush is going down in history as an aberration (an aberrant man mocked and derided for his lack of morals, due to having deviated from every acceptable legislative and social norm via his policies).

With each new decision he makes and the ensuing negative impact, I keep wondering if he is trying to finish off the nation before he leaves office. It just keeps getting worse…

Bush’s Place in History: Last

George W. Bush has said that history will determine the greatness of his presidency. According to an informal poll by George Mason University’s History News Network, 98 percent of historians polled rated Bush’s presidency a failure. Sixty-one percent ranked him last among presidents, while only 4 percent placed him among the top two-thirds.


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