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Woman Harasses Michael Jordan

April 7, 2008

A Woman He Knew Briefly Turns Stalker On The Former Basketball Player

April 7. 2008

Michael Jordan and ex-wife Juanita Jordan

Michael Jordan stated in court documents that he is being harassed by a woman he once knew named Lisa Miceli. She is now insisting he is the father of her child, even though two paternity tests came back negative. If the tests were properly administered, she has no case.

A judge issued a restraining order after she bombarded him with 400 emails and hundreds of phone messages, which by any rational person’s definition is excessive under the circumstances.

Now she wants the restraining order lifted and a judge to force Jordan to take a third paternity test, which is unreasonable. If it was his child, like any man, he should be made to live up to his responsibilities. But the first two tests said he is not the father, so why ask for a third one. That’s just embarrassing and reaching.

Flashback photo of Michael Jordan and ex-wife Juanita Jordan, the mother of his children

In light of the evidence, two negative paternity tests, the judge needs to nip this case in the bud. Jordan also needs to be careful, as anyone showing that kind of determination to contact another and be apart of one’s life, when the subject has expressed they don’t like the attention and want nothing to do with them, could try to attack you.

Being stalked and harassed is a disgusting experience. It betrays a mental disorder in a person when they refuse to understand that an individual wants nothing to do with them and does not appreciate the intrusion in their life.

The concerning thing about quite a few stalkers is they are crazy, think they are in some battleroyal with you and must prove their twisted point, no matter how much it distresses you and disrupts your life.

Juanita Jordan was awarded $168 million in her divorce from Michael Jordan and the above pictured estate (top of photo). What a tiny estate – to live in that kind of poverty must be terrible for Juanita (just kidding). It makes the Kennedy compound look non-existent.

Stalkers believe they are playing some game, as terrible as it is, and you are their prey. When you say no, they see it as a yes or that you need cajoling in the form of more unwanted communication.

The only effective way to deal with a stalker who won’t listen to reason is through a restraining order and if that doesn’t work, petitioning for their imprisonment, because you never know when they decide in their mind that it’s time for you to die and try to make it happen.

Lisa Miceli

Jordan should not take Miceli’s conduct lightly, as she is clinging to a fantasy and clearly the more rejection she gets from him, is the more determined she becomes.

Famous or not, it is not normal to ask a judge to lift a restraining order and instruct a man you’ve harassed with hundreds of unwanted communications, to take a THIRD paternity test. Two blood tests are enough.

Miceli wants Jordan injunction voided

Two months after being ordered to have no further contact with former basketball superstar Michael Jordan or any of his associates, Meadville resident Lisa Miceli is asking Crawford County Court of Common Pleas to dismiss the injunction.

Miceli says she had a personal relationship with Jordan several years ago and claims he is the father of her 3-year-old son. She had agreed in early February not to oppose Jordan’s motion for a preliminary injunction while also denying any wrongdoing on her part.

On Friday before President Judge Gordon R. Miller, Miceli filed a special request for dismissal of the injunction, and also filed a second motion for a new paternity hearing in Crawford County. His decision on voiding or upholding the injunction is expected within a few days, Miller said…

Jordan, who was not in court Friday but was represented by attorneys, claims two DNA tests prove he is not the father and the pair had a signed agreement that if both tests came back negative, Miceli would dismiss her lawsuit and have no contact with him or his associates.

Jordan claims that Miceli has repeatedly breached that agreement by sending nearly 400 e-mails and notes to him and his representatives as well as making hundreds of telephone calls and leaving hundreds of voice mails.

Miceli also claimed Friday that Jordan’s and his associates’ actions and the allegations against her — which she said have included negative statements about her mental health — have irreparably damaged her personal life and her case, amounting to “extortion, defamation, blackmail and harassment.”

On those grounds, Miceli additionally said she should have the same right to file a motion for a similar injunction barring Jordan and his representatives from any contact with lawyers, witnesses and other people associated with her.

Miller said Friday he wouldn’t grant such a motion, and said the previous injunction filed by Jordan stands. He indicated he would decide on Miceli’s formal requests over the weekend and plans to issue a written order by early next week.


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