L.A. Times Investigates Tupac Story

April 3, 2008

Tupac Shakur

The Los Angeles Times has apologized for their Tupac story implicating Badboy Records CEO Sean “P-Diddy” Combs in the rapper’s shooting. They’ve launched an investigation to ascertain exactly what happened in the now discredited story being published as fact.

I’d like to save them the time and money and humbly submit this theory. There’s a simple reason it happened. The FBI has a terrible relationship with the press. Show of hands, how many of you have seen articles where the FBI refused to comment or simply stated “we do not comment on ongoing investigations” as I wrote last month.

Sean “P Diddy” Combs

Furthermore, some, not all, FBI employees are flat out deceitful and disrespectful. There are many stories online from various members of the public to support this. Getting a clear answer out of the FBI is like pulling teeth. Hence, people not even wanting to ask. This creates a lot of misinformation.

Often no one believes this secrecy and stonewalling is to preserve the integrity of investigations, and so, due to that mafia like silence, a lot of collateral damage happens at the FBI’s hands when they are not forthright with the public. Most of the time, they aren’t even forthright with Congress, as hearing transcripts attest.

James Sabatino

That’s probably why the story happened. This very well may be why the incarcerated felon, James Sabatino, thought he could get away with using fake FBI documents, as confirming anything from the Bureau is difficult, as they clearly think they are a secret police organization unanswerable to Congress, who they routinely dodge, and the American public, who pay their salaries.

Sean Combs

Before you do your victory lap Puffy, Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, or whatever moniker you are going by these days in trying to distance yourself from reoccurring violent incidents that you always seem to be at the center of, do remember, while he was alive, Tupac did point the finger at you regarding the shooting, stating you knew it was going to happen.

That gave more credence to the claims than what a federal inmate said to the Los Angeles Times. Was Tupac a crazy person making up stories, as you have branded Sabatino?

And think before you answer, as based on Tupac’s rapping abilities, and industry arrogance in how Hollywood views people as nobodies, he would be considered the Bentley of rappers and you Puffy the Pinto.

Straight from Tupac’s mouth, lifted from an audio interview:


In closing, it is amazing, Biggie and Tupac are dead, while Puffy and Suge are still in our faces trying to sell us stuff.

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