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March 29, 2008
Madonna’s Fans Slam Her Music

You know you’re in trouble when even your fans think your music stinks. That’s the predicament the Material-less Girl finds herself in, as one of her fans did a mass email to tens of thousands of people, slamming her new awful song, “4 Minutes To Save The World.”

You know what that means, Madonna – you’ll have to pull out all the stops with the payola, paying journalists for glowing articles and scanning your CDs through the registers more than once ala the Jay-Z Soundscan scandal/investigation, trying to brainwash younger audiences into thinking you are someone of merit, when you can’t sing, dance, act or write and have made a career out of stealing your way through life.

You know what I find ironic about all of this, I’ve already found infringements of my preexisting copyrights on Madonna’s forthcoming album “Hard Candy” based on leaked lyrics that have appeared online and I got a MySpace friend request from Timbaland’s music company, who is the main producer of the record.

By all appearances, it seems to be legit, as the site was professionally designed by the same web site designer (“Darrell The Designer”) that did several other mainstream hip hop artists’ pages on MySpace (such as Flo-rida and Ludacris).

You are helping that washed up, hospice vagina flashing woman steal my unreleased PREEXISTING copyrighted music that no one should have seen let alone touched – and sending me a friend request like that’s supposed to make it okay.

Scott Storch was right about you in that song he made last year, when he said other people do all the work and you take all the credit. I will never respect that in anyone and you should have more respect for the Lord than to be doing what you are doing. But as the Bible says, you’ll reap what you sow.

Village Voice

Madonna’s back with more music, and my ancient ears can still hear it, but a DJ and Madonna fan named Danny Echi sent out a mass e-mail saying that her new song, “4 Minutes (to Save the World),” should actually be called “4 Minutes to Make More $$$$$$.” Wrote Echi: “This is just a corny commercial track. The Madonna shout-outs on it are corny, as if no one knew her name or she’s trying to be cool hip-hop, which she’s not. This is just a sell-out. It sounds like a James Bond movie theme. I think they tried too hard to repeat Timbaland’s ‘Give It to Me’ featuring Nelly Furtado and Timberlake.


Madonna And Stuff


Sour Candy: Madonna has unveiled the cover of Hard Candy. This has really been the week from hell, hasn’t it?


What you’re, unfortunately, seeing is the cover for Madonna’s latest album “Hard Candy” which will frighten small women and children on April 29. People reports the album is “about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness.” Really? Because it looks more like the juxtaposition of an elderly woman’s obsession with lingerie and wrestling – while having a stroke.


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