Democrats To Hillary Clinton: Quit, Already!

March 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton Reading “Iraq For Dummies”(just kidding)

Calls are going out from the Democrats for Hillary Clinton to quit the race for the nomination, as she is way behind in votes and hurting the party’s chances of winning the general election against former P.O.W. John McCain. Wow, that’s embarrassing for Hillary. It’s getting really undignified. Popcorn anyone.

Conversely, the Republicans are as happy as can be, as she is wasting Obama’s time, campaign money and energy, when he is the candidate with the significant lead in the race for the nomination.

Not to mention, in the time this thing has dragged on, several scandals have popped up that have done the Democratic party no favors – like her lying in pretending to be G.I. Jane in Bosnia and separately the regrettable Reverend Wright speeches, which he has expressed contrition regarding.

If this thing goes on much longer, what will come out next.

Obama Gets Boost; Clinton Urged to Quit

Mar 28, 7:18 PM (ET) – PITTSBURGH (AP) – Barack Obama got a surprise boost in the last big state of the long Democratic campaign Friday with an endorsement from Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey Jr., while another Obama supporter sought to nudge Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the race.

Clinton leads by double-digits in Pennsylvania polls, and Obama hopes Casey’s endorsement will earn him a second look from the state’s white, working class and Catholic voters – groups that have leaned toward Clinton in other Democratic contests this year.

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