Madonna’s Manager Paid P.I. $80,000 For Wiretap

March 27, 2008
New York Times: Both Madonna’s Manager And Lawyer Accused Of Illegal Wiretapping

March 26. 2008


First, Madonna’s lawyer, the sullied Bert Fields is accused of illegally wiretapping numerous people, using discredited former private investigator Anthony Pellicano, and now her manager is being hit with the same formal allegation as well.

Fred DeMann

In a revealing New York Times article published today, Madonna’s manager of many years, Fred DeMann, the man who made the old whore famous, was named as a client of the corrupt Anthony Pellicano, paying him $80,000 to illegally wiretap an individual, which is a felony:

Day Of Embarrassment For Hollywood In Court

“In his testimony, Mr. Pfeifer also said that Mr. Pellicano had told him that another music industry figure previously linked to the wiretapping case — Freddy DeMann, the Maverick Records executive and former manager of Madonna and other acts — had paid some $80,000 to Mr. Pellicano to confirm his suspicions that his daughter’s husband was being unfaithful to her and that the husband was actually gay.

Mr. Pellicano obtained audio proof of this, Mr. Pfeifer testified. Mr. DeMann did not respond to a phone message seeking comment.”

To show you the levels at which Hollywood’s denizens don’t have any conscience or prudence in financial dealings, evidence has been unearthed that showed famous stars and executives paying Anthony Pellicano huge sums of money to commit crimes against innocent people, such as wiretapping and harassment.

These so-called stars and executives have too much time on their hands. Rather than give money to charity and do something constructive with their time, these degenerates would rather spend it spying on you, so they can sit around in their mansions and perversely listen in to other people’s phone calls and read the contents of other people’s hacked computers. What a veritable bunch of criminals.

Anthony Pellicano showing off in his office that was a den of criminal activity

The entire case was triggered by a complaint journalist Anita Busch made to the FBI, after finding a bullet hole in her windshield with a dead fish, rose and a note. She was being targeted by someone in Hollywood, who hired Anthony Pellicano to abuse her, for writing unflattering articles about them in the Los Angeles Times.

Pellicano illegally wiretapped Busch’s phone, bugged her car, had her computers hacked and paid thugs to harass her. You have to be a psychopath to do that and to pay someone to do that. Anthony Pellicano had so inserted himself into her life, that it painted a terrible picture of just how sick he and his clients truly are to engage in such criminal misconduct.

He had one of his four hackers hack into her computer, copy forthcoming stories she was writing for the Los Angeles Times and forward them to him and his clients, which is illegal. Then, he had one of his hackers destroy her computer’s hard drive, (via hacking and corrupting the operating system), to prevent her from writing about his wimpy clients . She’s not the only person that happened to at his hacker’s mischievous hands.

1 of Anthony Pellicano’s 4 hackers Tarita Virtue

That’s how simple-minded people in Hollywood think – that if they destroy your computer you can’t go to Best Buy and get another one, because computers are so rare and hard to come by like Faberge eggs. Like they aren’t all over the place at internet cafes.

Pellicano destroyed Busch’s life to the point that she stopped doing what she loved, which is writing. She temporarily moved away from her home in Los Angeles and stayed with a friend when it was feared he might kill her.

At the behest of a male industry member in Hollywood, Pellicano destroyed her life. To show you how vile and misogynistic these men in Hollywood are, they were born of women yet quite a few of them paid this scumbag to destroy different women’s lives. Some of Pellicano’s victims were women that were girlfriends who threatened to go public with affairs. Others were wives who wanted a lot in divorces. While some were women who were sexually harassed, raped or assaulted and wanted to file charges.

Anita Busch

Anthony Pellicano is now fighting for his freedom after being indicted on over 110 counts of illegal wiretapping, identity theft, witness tampering and racketeering. Degenerate, cowardly Hollywood stars and executives used him to do their dirty work and now they are running like cowards, rather than owning up to their conduct in court.

Pellicano’s clients are your Hollywood trash that seek to know things the law says they should not. They are people too wimpy to fight innocent people themselves, and would lose even if they threw the first punch, so they hired him to rough up others.

In 1996, Madonna was sued for commissioning the illegal wiretapping, harassment and stalking of an innocent Miami family, the De Castros, using a local Florida private eye (De Castro v. Madonna).

Due to the fact that the old pervert liked the husband, who rejected her advances, stating he is faithful to his wife, she started targeting them. He probably didn’t want to catch herpes.

This upset the nutty pop star who use to live in Miami, and through a local South Florida private investigator and a few hoodlums, had the family wiretapped and harassed, then started throwing it in their faces, Anthony Pellicano style.

Old habits die-hard for the nasty, voyeuristic old slut. She got sued 4 more times for invasion of privacy by different people in various parts of the country.

As someone who has witnessed Madonna’s psychopathic, criminal misconduct firsthand, so have my family and friends, I can attest that something is very wrong with that sick woman click here.

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