Kanye West Sued For Stealing Song

March 27, 2008
Rocafella Records Copyright Infringement Lawsuit #2,457,290

March 27. 2008

Kanye West

Rocafella Records just chocked up another copyright infringement lawsuit to add to the many, and I mean many, that were already filed against the label by various writers, singers and musicians. This time it’s rapper Kanye West, who is being sued by indie artist, Dayna Staggs A/K/A D’Mystro.

Danya Staggs has sued him for stealing his song “Volume of Good Life” and turning it into “The Good Life” by Kanye West. Staggs wrote in his complaint that he is offended by the profanity Kanye added to his work that was used without permission. Staggs’ song was written well before Kanye’s.

Kanye is also a producer featured on Madonna’s forthcoming CD “Hard Candy.” I see she is rubbing off on you, Kanye. For Madonna’s damning legal history for the theft of many songs, movies and other protected copyrighted works click here.


“Kanye West – West Sued Ocver Good Life Song”

“Rapper KANYE WEST is facing legal action from a songwriter in Maryland, who has accused the star of stealing his hit song GOOD LIFE. The Stronger hitmaker is being sued by songwriter/producer Dayna ‘D’Mystro’ Staggs for copyright infringement, claiming West “didn’t obtain a licence” to sample his record Volume of Good Life for the track.

In legal papers filed in Maryland District Court last week (20Mar08), Staggs goes on to state that West was “only at the age of six or seven years of age (sic)” when his song was written. He has also objected to the “vulgar and offensive” images associated with the song, which featured on West’s third album Graduation, claiming it “harms the reputation” of his inoffensive tune.” http://www.contactmusic.com

A few items in the way of public feedback from TMZ readers:

1. I wonder when this pop, rap, and hip hop era will finally be over. All genres end eventually. Perhaps only the bad ones take longer. If you like this stuff please realize that you are listening to a digitally enhanced monotone drone repetitive vocal layered on top of a drum machine dominated computer generated rhythm track. Success and wealth should only be bestowed on true artists such as singer songwriter virtuoso instrumentalists. Posted at 11:45AM on Mar 26th 2008 by MartinD28

2. Way to keep original, Kayne, you pathetic, WHINEY little b****!

GILL! Posted at 11:48AM on Mar 26th 2008 by Stupid little monkey

4. First with nothing to say…….. Like Kanye. Kanye has Zero talent… and probably can’t even write his own name without stealing the letters from Vannna White. Another thug, stealing…shocker. Posted at 12:22PM on Mar 26th 2008 by BlueJayFlys

5. Hope this guy takes the tired poser West to the cleaners! Hate him! Posted at 12:33PM on Mar 26th 2008 by Hells Kitchen dogwalker

6. Kanye is a whiny little b**** …boohoo. O I seen Vince Gill that was awesome. Posted at 12:34PM on Mar 26th 2008 by anonymous

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