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FBI Agents To Be Fired Over Noogie

March 24, 2008
To Noogie Or Not To Noogie, That Is The Question

March 24. 2008

(Photo from About Politics web site)

Three Boston FBI agents are in trouble and face losing their jobs. It appears one of the three FBI agents working with a female prosecutor on a case, gave her a noogie.

She complained and he and his two fellow agents that were allegedly less than honest during questioning about what he did, could lose their jobs.

Based on what has been written, he did not sexually harass or fondle her in any way. He gave her a noogie, examples of which are illustrated in the two photos in this article. I don’t think a person deserves to be fired for that.

Now, if he had pulled out her hair extensions, then yes, by all means, get him fired, girl! If it was a black female prosecutor and her extensions were pulled out, there would be no need for an investigation, because that agent would be dead.

You’d just see it on the news, “And funeral services were held today for the FBI agent that pulled out a local prosecutor’s hair extensions.” Just kidding.

While, I think the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, is one of Satan’s emissaries, and should be renditioned, regarding this noogie incident, I believe the more appropriate thing to do would have been for the prosecutor or FBI oversight to tell said agent don’t do that again, even dock him a day’s pay if she was that offended, but to fire someone over a noogie seems extreme.

FBI says 3 in Boston office face dismissal
Behavior with federal prosecutor is probed

Globe Staff / March 21, 2008 – Three FBI agents were finishing a meeting with a female federal prosecutor in the federal courthouse in Boston in 2006 when one of them came up behind her, wrapped his arm around her neck and gave her a Three Stooges-style noogie, according to several law enforcement officials. http://www.boston.com

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