Obama & Clinton Friends With Reverend Wright

March 22, 2008

The New York Times has unearthed a photo of former president Bill Clinton in the White House with Reverend Wright, the pastor of current candidate Barack Obama. Reverend Wright’s incendiary speeches on matters of race have offended many causing a backlash over the last week.

As much as the Clintons are using this scandal against Obama, over his now former pastor, they too are friends with Reverend Wright.

For the record, I read some of what Reverend Wright said and I don’t agree with such race matters in the pulpit. I don’t believe white people are evil and I don’t believe all black people are good. There is good and evil in just about everything in this world. Respectively, you will find good white and black people, just like you will find bad white and black people.

God’s church needs to unite. There is no room in the church for color issues. Yes, there are problems in the world with racism, but in God’s church we are all equal. Leave that other color stuff at the door.

Over the years, I have learned many wonderful things from televised sermons of black preachers like Martin Luther King jr, T.D. Jakes and E.V. Hill and EQUALLY white preachers such as Billy Graham, John Hagee and Joel Osteen. I think they are all great people – not because of color – but because they have spoken of God’s grace and His wonderful ways.  

Reverend Wright, I challenge you to abandon the race rhetoric and focus on the Lord.

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