Mariah Carey Slammed

March 20, 2008

Mariah Carey was slammed in the New York Daily News recently for being, well, an overrated singer that is closing in on an undeserved Billboard record for the most number ones.

Considering her ex-husband Tommy Mottola actively used payola to get her songs to the top of the charts and she has been the subject of a number of credible copyright infringement lawsuits that has tarnished her legacy, she really does not deserve the title. She has been sued by The Emotions, Earth Wind And Fire and several independent writers for song theft.

Aretha Franklin

Furthermore, she is not the best singer in the world either (not that it would have anything to do with the most #1’s). Vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston are way ahead of her in the vocal department. Mariah’s voice also began to change after her “Emotions” CD.

Whitney Houston

Employing the whistle register as apart of one’s repertoire does not the best singer make. As diverse as it can be when utilized properly, even flipper has the whistle register (that was a little joke).

Additionally, you can’t complain about people thinking you’re a “ditzy moron” as you put it, because you are the one that set up that image of being superficial, with Hello Kitty as your role model. This also makes your new album title “E=MC2” way over your head. No one believes you are a scholar in any measure, as you’ve devoted your time to less worthy pursuits.

Fewer Than Five

SINCE her 1998 divorce from record honcho Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey has been linked to a string of high-powered men. including Yankee star Derek Jeter, Latino singer Luis Miguel, music exec Mark Sudack and even rapper Eminem. But don’t assume she sleeps around. Pressed about Eminem, the Grammy winner tells the Times of London: “Please! I never had any type of sexual relationship with that man. I can count the number of people I’ve had sex with on fewer than the fingers on one hand.”

Off the charts

Cultural note: We see that the warbler Mariah Carey, who has already tied Elvis Presley as the second-place holder of the most No. 1 records, will soon, if her new hit ditty goes to the top of the charts, tie the Beatles as the first-place holder of the most No. 1 records ever.


That’s – that’s just wrong.

On so many levels.

Mariah: I Know I’m Called ‘Ditzy Moron’

Mariah Carey (AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock, File)

NEW YORK, NY (AP) — Mariah Carey knows her indisputable talent clashes with her sexed-up image as a “ditz.” “It’s a dichotomy, I understand,” the 37-year-old Grammy winner tells Allure magazine. “I understand that people think I am a ditzy moron.”

The singer – who was treated for exhaustion in 2001 after a public meltdown – says she still struggles with her confidence.

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