Madonna’s New Album Cover Viciously Panned

March 20, 2008

Madonna’s Vile New CD Cover Being Slammed Online

I’ve cropped the bottom of the panned photo out (trust me I’ve done you a favor)

Web site after web site has vicious comments in the feedback sections, anchored by sarcastic, facetious blog posts regarding Madonna’s new album cover that features her in a leotard (again) spreading her legs.

Posts on many web sites were filled with comments like, “Close your legs grandma,” “Mutton trying to pass for lamb,” “She’s desperate and irrelevant,” “She wrote children’s books. She should be ashamed of herself” and “I wouldn’t be caught dead queuing for that CD.”

Madonna Rips Off CD Title From Rock Group

Last week I pointed out that Madonna ripped off Kylie Minogue’s CD cover “2 Hearts” for her forthcoming “Hard Candy” CD:

Kylie’s “2 Hearts” (2007) – Madonna’s “Hard Candy” (2008)

SIMILARITIES: same red & white swirl background, same fingers on face pose with head facing to the right and same short wave hairstyle

This week numerous web posts indicate that Madonna ripped off the Counting Crow’s 1990’s album title “Hard Candy” as well:

1991’s “Hard Candy” by rock group the Counting Crows

For the many artists Madonna has ripped off click here

Story found here

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