Madonna Rips Off Kylie Again

March 15, 2008
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Madonna Rips Off Kylie CD Cover

Kylie’s “2 Hearts” (2007) – Madonna’s “Hard Candy” (2008)

SIMILARITIES: same red & white swirl background, same fingers on face pose with head facing to the right and same short wave hairstyle

This is a follow up to the Madonna Jumping On Bandwagons Again article on February 19, 2008, regarding her ripping off singer Kylie Minogue’s music video.

Well, she’s at it again. Now, the pathetic old thief Madonna’s ripping off Kylie’s CD cover released last year, for her forthcoming copyright infringing “Hard Candy” CD on the sinking Warner Music Group label. Furthermore, what 50 year old sings about hard candy. There’s something very weird about that.

Madonna also previously ripped off preexisting songs by Kylie for her Confessions On A Dance Floor CD.

Flashback Of Other Incidents Of Madonna Ripping Off Kylie:


To the left are the original Kylie pics, to the right are the later Madonna rip offs (Madonna even stole 1-888-Confess from Kylie’s previous 1-555-Confide). How pathetic:

Kylie Madonna rip offs


According to a UK newspaper, Madonna’s “American Life” Che Guevara themed CD cover is a rip off of a previously released Kylie Minogue poster:

Kylie Minogue Poster Madonna CD cover

For the many artists Madonna has ripped off click here

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