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Another Kabbalah Member Sent To Psych Ward

March 15, 2008
TV Star Steve-O In Looney Bin

March 14. 2008


This is a follow up to the January 11, 2008 Cult Cons article regarding the high number of Kabbalah cult members, who have been sent to various hospital psychiatric wards all over the world, suffering from mental illness.

This week it was reported TV prankster and pervert Steve-O, who is a Kabbalah center member, as mentioned previously in my UN Human Rights complaint, regarding Kabbalah cult based harassment, invasion of privacy and theft, was sent to the psychiatric ward of Cedars in Los Angeles. He was placed on suicide watch suffering from schizophrenia.

Steve-O Blogs from Psych Ward

Troubled “Jackass” star Steve-O has written a message to fans on his MySpace page from the psychiatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital.

The stuntman reveals pals including former “Jackass” co-star Johnny Knoxville “physically forced” him to seek help for his mental issues, including bipolar disorder that had left him suffering “high highs and extremely low lows.”

After being taken to L.A.’s Thalian Mental Health Center, Steve-O was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he has been placed on a 14-day hold, while medics observe his condition and behavior. http://www.sfgate.com

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