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Rewarding Bad Behavior (Ashley Alexandra Dupre)

March 13, 2008
Spitzer Prostitute Promoting Music

March 13. 2008

People in Hollywood are pondering the prospect of the prostitute of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer becoming a star.

I think it is in very poor taste. I’m not saying brand her with a scarlet letter and toss her to the wolves, but to give her deals in the face of this terrible scandal would be rewarding bad behavior.

At this point she has done nothing to prove or redeem herself. To reward her conduct would be to add insult to injury to Spitzer’s wife and children. The last thing they or the nation needs is to see her prancing around on TV and singing some suggestive song, like the one that was on her MySpace page before the account was cancelled.

Her MySpace site received traffic due to the scandal this week and nothing else, as it had been online for quite some time and received an average amount of attention before the story broke.

Spitzer Family

She knew what she was doing is illegal. She could have gotten a regular job, but she wanted to live a luxury lifestyle and turned to prostitution to get it. She is currently living in a building where units rent for up to $11,000 per month.

Yes, God can forgive her and Eliot for committing adultery and for the trauma they’ve caused his wife and children, not to mention upsetting many people in the country, but neither of them should be rewarded for their illegal conduct, as neither of them are victims.

Could woman in Spitzer scandal become a star?

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Could Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the aspiring singer embroiled in the prostitution scandal that toppled New York governor Eliot Spitzer, have a music career?

Top talent scouts are weighing in on her chances after the 22-year-old racked up millions of MySpace views and launched much-sought-after new songs on priced-by-demand Web site AmieStreet.com since the Spitzer story broke.

Before Dupre’s MySpace page was deleted Thursday, it had received 4,612,397 views and her song “What We Want” touted 711,334 plays. According to the New York Times, two tracks Dupre released to AmieStreet.com this week received thousands of listens and their prices rocketed from free to the maximum price of 98 cents Thursday. The number of blog posts mentioning Dupre also rose over 750% in the last 48 hours according to Nielsen BuzzMetrics. http://www.pr-inside.com

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