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NY Governor Eliot Spitzer Caught With His Pants Down…Literally

March 11, 2008
Married New York Governor And Father Of Three Snared In Prostitution Ring

March 10. 2008

Wealthy New York governor Eliot Spitzer was exposed by the FBI as being a customer of a prostitution ring. He is refusing to step down. Does the public have to Alberto Gonzales you into retirement. People are calling for you to step down.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. As some of you who’ve been with the site for a few years know, I’m not Eliot Spitzer’s #1 fan.

In late 2005, during the start of the Aisha v. Madonna legal case, I sent a copy of it and a formal complaint to the FBI right before filing suit.

I also sent a separate copy of the lawsuit along with a formal complaint to Spitzer’s office, who was then the New York attorney general. Madonna’s label Warner Bros does business out of New York and broke multiple laws in the case, which fell under Spitzer’s jurisdiction.

Eliot Spitzer and wife Silda at swearing in

I received two conflicting letters from Spitzer’s office in response to the formal complaint I sent. One said if they needed me to testify I would be contacted and the other said Warner Bros’ criminal conduct was “a private legal matter.”

Upon receiving the responses, I’m staring at both letters from his office thinking they have Tourrettes. Me being the understanding, caring negro I am, didn’t bother to argue and put the incident in the United Nations Human Rights complaint I later filed, deeming his office’s response inexcusable and corrupt.

Someone is committing crimes out of the state of New York on your watch and your office deems it a “private legal matter”? I guess prostitution is a “private legal matter” as well.

It is clear you are not seeing things as crimes that are actually crimes according to the law of the land. Your moral compass is off – Titanic kind of off.

How can you say you won’t resign when you’ve broken laws you swore to uphold. It’s not like you were busted using the n-word, as that would appalling, but legal as it is protected by free speech laws. Prostitution is not legal.

Eliot Spitzer and wife Silda

Let me start this segment by noting, as a Christian, I believe adultery is a sin and morally wrong. I don’t condone or encourage it. God says He forgives it though, so don’t feel hopeless over your bad choices. Having written that, my question is, why would you as a high profile lawman think it safe to go to a prostitute, as opposed to the bimbo secretary. I don’t get that.

Furthermore, you’re rich and in an influential job, there are bimbos that would have dated you on the side for free or at least for the price of dinner. Why pick a prostitute.

You need to ask your wife for forgiveness, thank God she didn’t punch you at that televised news conference, go home and try to rebuild your family.

In closing, you of all people should have known better than to trust the FBI.

“The federal investigation of a New York prostitution ring was triggered by Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s suspicious money transfers, initially leading agents to believe Spitzer was hiding bribes, according to federal officials.

It was only months later that the IRS and the FBI determined that Spitzer wasn’t hiding bribes but payments to a company called QAT, what prosecutors say is a prostitution operation operating under the name of the Emperors Club.

As recently as this past Valentine’s Day, Feb. 13, Spitzer, who officials say is identified in a federal complaint as “Client 9,” arranged for a prostitute “Kristen” to meet him in Washington, D.C.

The woman met Client 9 at the Mayflower Hotel, room 871, “for her tryst,” according to the complaint. Client 9 also is alleged to have paid for the woman’s train tickets, cab fare, mini bar and room service, travel time and hotel.

The suspicious financial activity was initially reported by a bank to the IRS which, under direction from the Justice Department, brought kin the FBI’s Public Corruption Squad.

“We had no interest at all in the prostitution ring until the thing with Spitzer led us to learn about it,” said one Justice Department official.”

Spitzer, who made his name by bringing high-profile cases against many of New York’s financial giants, is likely to be prosecuted under a relatively obscure statute called “structuring,” according to a Justice Department official…”


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