Ashton Kutcher Sued For Stealing From Anna Nicole Smith

March 11, 2008
Ashton Kutcher Sued For Stealing Show Anna Nicole Smith Copyrighted And Pitched 3 Years Ago

March 10. 2008

Ashton Kutcher: what do you mean Dannielynn has a lawyer?

Kabbalah cult member Ashton Kutcher has been sued by the estate of Anna Nicole Smith for stealing a copyrighted show “Pop Fiction” which she copyrighted and pitched 3 years ago. This year, Kutcher passed the show off as his own, sold it and it premiered on E! last night. Howard Stern is now suing the grave robber.

Ashton Kutcher

This is standard conduct in Kabbalah, whose other high profile members such as Madonna and Paris Hilton have been separately sued by numerous people for copyright theft.

Dannielynn (Anna’s daughter): no he didn’t! daddy, go borrow Naomi Campbell’s phone so I can beatdown Ashton with it! I’m gonna teach Demi’s man son a lesson.

Previously, Radar magazine did a piece on the stealing that goes on in Kabbalah, posting a private memo circulated by the cult’s management, instructing members to obtain copyrights by “any means necessary” and to mimic the writing contained in preexisting copyrighted books, copy the text and replace portions of it with Kabbalah phrases. 

Dannielynn: I should smack him. You’re gonna feel my left hand “Punkd” boy!:

The head of the Kabbalah cult, sicko Philip Berg, was sued for breaking into a then recently deceased writer’s house, stealing his book manuscript and publishing it as his own, errors and all. Berg settled the case when the deceased writer’s family hauled him into court after they figured out what the charlatan did.

Anna Nicole Smith v. Ashton Kutcher: (link 1) (link 2)

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