Obama Raises $55 Million – Hillary $35 Million

March 7, 2008
March 6. 2008

What a striking picture – they both look so manly:

Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama raised $55 million dollars in February 2008 towards his bid for the nomination, while rival Hillary Clinton brought in a lower figure at $35 million.

Obama is leading the race for the Democratic nomination with the most delegates, while yesterday Hillary was busy dropping hints about a joint ticket with Barack, which I slammed two weeks prior. She’s trying to take advantage of him because he’s black – why didn’t she ask John McCain if she could join his ticket (LOL I’m joking).

Obama to Hillary: would you like a campaign loan!


In all seriousness, given the state of the economy, the war in Iraq and problems with terrorism, America needs a new start. Out with the old and in with the new. The Clintons and Bushes have had their turn running the country and neither have brought the nation to where it needs to be.

Let two new candidates vie for the presidency. Time for a change. Sometimes change is good, unless you are at the bank, cause then that would just mean you’re broke (ok, bad joke).

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