Lindsay Lohan’s Losses

March 6, 2008
Lohan’s Image And Finances Take A Beating After DUIs, Cocaine Possession And Multiple Lawsuits

March 5. 2008

2007 saw Lindsay Lohan lose lucrative film deals, her career and reputation through a string of DUIs, Cocaine possession arrests and lawsuits for harming members of the public and creating property damage via her insobriety.

2008 is off to a bad start as well with Lohan being awarded a record 8 Razzies for her panned performance in the box office bomb “I Know Who Killed Me,” a disgraceful, mocked semi-nude photo shoot posing as the late Marilyn Monroe and now comes word she might lose a big modeling contract with Jill Stuart.

Due to substance abuse that does not look like the face of a 21 year old

Lohan’s poor choices and the ensuing damage it has caused her and others should serve as warning to young entertainers not to take anything for granted and don’t believe your own hype, as it will be your undoing.

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