NATIONAL NEWS FBI To Investigate Mortgage Crisis

March 1, 2008

This month it was announced the FBI has begun an investigation into the U.S. mortgage crisis that has severely damaged the American economy. Ah, 2 years too late.

The FBI came across a tip in early 2006 warning that there was something wrong in the U.S. housing market. But being the “after the fact” agency Time magazine and others referred to them as, Mueller sat on his butt, ignored the tip, while flying around on a luxury $40,000,000 jet that costs 3 million to refuel each trip, that Congress sanctioned for FBI agent anti-terrorism missions, which he was misusing to make appearances to tell everyone, “Hey, there are dangerous terrorists out there. Be vigilant and have a nice day.” It would be cheaper to post an internet bulletin.

But Mueller wasn’t about to do anything about what would evolve into the worst banking crisis in U.S. history. He meets with the president weekly and some of Bush’s rich friends run said banks that caused the catastrophe, via gouging and swindling Americans.

Washington Mutual and Countrywide pioneered it and are the biggest offenders of all. Their respective CEOs should be locked up and stripped of all their assets for what they perpetrated against the public.

But back to the “after the fact” agency argument many have posed regarding the FBI. It’s true. It doesn’t appear the FBI is into crime prevention. They wait until things are so far gone and destroyed, then they say, “Hey, let’s investigate.”

People have been robbed, harassed, assaulted and murdered while the FBI knowingly sat back and let it happen. They have framed people for crimes they didn’t commit just to have a body in the jail they could pin a crime on – in cases that were later uncovered and the agency severely sued for.

During the tragic church shooting that occurred this year, it was later reported the FBI received a tip 3 HOURS before it happened and no one bothered to get up off their butt and check it out. The caller even furnished them with the name and address of the church and the would be shooter. Well, 3 HOURS LATER several innocent people were murdered. People whose taxes were paying their salaries at the FBI.

Then there was that other time the FBI sat back and ignored an important tip, but one that was from one of their agents. It had to do with the September 11th tragedy.

The FBI had credible evidence that could have prevented the loss of 3,000 innocent lives, but headquarters in Washington, with Mueller at the helm, stonewalled the FBI agent, Harry Sammit, that wanted to investigate one of the would be hijackers that knew of the plan, but got dropped at the last minute.

But that wasn’t enough damage with 9-11. It was reported another FBI agent took a crystal Tiffany chandelier from Ground Zero, among other items, prompting another FBI agent to denounce him. Grave robbing!

While there have been FBI whistleblowers, clearly not enough. Some agents forget their oath is to the country and the American public, not Robert Mueller. They have a constitutionally sworn duty to go to Congress and report serious misconduct, not help Mueller cover it up and end up in prison later for it.

Congress needs to do something about the FBI before they cause a national catastrophe the country can’t recover from, through their famed criminal negligence.

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