NATIONAL NEWS Bush’s Babbling

March 1, 2008

Nix the clueless facial expressions, already

George Bush’s reckless spending has been adding up in a terrible way. His I’m-the-president-so-write-a-check way of government has all but destroyed the U.S. economy.

The war, according to Senator Harry Reid, is costing the American taxpayer $500,000,000 per day. That money could have done a lot of good in America.

Instead, what did the American people get in exchange for their hard earned tax dollars Bush wasted? He sent deceived men and women to fight a war that is really over oil he is stealing from the Middle East. Bush’s family has oil holdings. So does Cheney.

Thousands of these men and women have died, so have over 1 MILLION Iraqi men, women, children and babies. 4 MILLION more Iraqis have been displaced from their homes, fleeing to neighboring Syria, who is also feeling the effects of this terrible war. Bush has destabilized the region and failed in every promise he issued in this misrepresented war.

He has further failed in his presidential duties at home, running a poor administration under the policy of let-the-rich-gouge-the-poor.

He looked out for his rich cronies in big tobacco, Enron and the banking sector, who have clear, provable ties to him, whilst they greatly harmed the American people. Now the U.S. economy is collapsing:

The declining dollar is severely weakened, surpassed by other currencies it once exceeded in value.

3 million Americans have lost their homes (that’s 3 MILLION households severely damaged in the financial realm – and in real time, a household represents 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 or more Americans.) 

Unemployment is rising

Food costs are rising

Gas prices are rising

The stock market is unstable

Yet Bush arrogantly goes on television like a con artist, telling everyone the U.S. economy is fine and not heading for a recession. He’s right, it looks like it’s headed for a depression. 

But what does he do? Tells the public to spend, spend, spend, when the message should have been, save, save, save – because a phony war is driving up the cost of everything and endangering national security, so you will need money for incidentals when there are unexpected spikes in the cost of living.

America is severely in debt, both nationally and internationally. You don’t spend money to get out of debt. You don’t waste billions in taxpayer money at law enforcement agencies and government offices bilking the American people with padded expenses that come up in congressional hearings. You don’t throw it at foreign governments either to accomplish your imperialistic agenda in said countries. You spend the money at home to repair and rebuild.

You’ve got to give Bush credit for one thing, though. He brought autocracy to America – he carried on for years, a war the people through their vote showed they didn’t want anymore and destroyed the U.S. economy through villainy, thievery, negligence and wasteful spending of tax dollars he didn’t earn. Applaud yourself, because history won’t.

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