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The Stranger Series – Thomas

February 29, 2008

Title: The Stranger Series – Thomas

Review Date: February 28, 2008

Rating: PG

Running Time: 40 minutes

Box Office Gross: DVD

Recommendation: a modern, entertaining film short that is really enjoyable.

“The Stranger – Thomas” was a nice comedy about a sarcastic, mean radio host, heckling believers that call in to his radio show to protest his disrespectful comments made on air. One day he went on the air and facetiously said he wanted Jesus to call in…and He did. That’s when the fun began.

Try putting on airs and being tricky with someone that knows everything about you, down to how and what you think. Jesus called him out on the air. Lovingly He told him hidden things from his childhood that only He would know. Things that have been a source of sadness for him over the years.

Jesus then took over the radio station. He shook up the radio host so much that he didn’t know how to effectively answer Him. He put the fear of God in him, illustrating His omnipotence. People began tuning in in droves, demanding the radio host get Jesus back on the hot line, as now his show was finally interesting.

The radio host was a bitter man struggling with painful moments in his life that caused him to question his faith. This has happened to others as well. It can be a very painful thing, but you must not lose faith in God.

The radio host, Thomas, had given up having faith after a loved one died. He questioned why Jesus didn’t prevent it from happening. Jesus brought it up on the air in the film short.

You’d be surprised how many people want to give up when a loved one dies. But life is as such that death is apart of it. Yes, it hurts, but you must press on and have faith that you will see them again one day in heaven. God bless you.



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