Is America Trying To Tell Hollywood Something?

February 29, 2008

Is America Trying To Tell Hollywood Something?

Lowest Oscar Ratings In History

“That’s kind of a foggy day for a lot of us, but there was some phoning back and forth. We were startled that they were as low as they were.” – Bruce Davis, executive director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

This year’s Academy Awards received the lowest ratings in history. Blockbusters were released last year, yet ratings are the poorest ever.

Americans online and a few on TV are attributing it to the nation being tired of the troublemaking Paris’ and the Lindsays’ of the industry, to name a few. Not to mention, the terribly sub-par, so-called work these women put out.

Even a Christian program I watched this week was blaming them for the decline. It’s like everybody knows. It’s gotten that bad and that prevalent.

Paris Hilton

The Academy may have sensed that in advance, as reports surfaced that Hilton was uninvited from the show the week before it aired on live television.

Lohan was nowhere to be found, having offended so many in Hollywood with her poor work ethic. Her forthcoming film is also a derivative mess destined for trouble.

Jessica Simpson

Fame got to their heads and sadly they aren’t even the best in their field. Lohan showed some promise when she was younger, then threw it away for drugs, alcohol, partying and being a cultist, which roughened her looks and destroyed her mental state.

While other women like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson simply cannot act and are famous for being famous and doing embarrassing things.

Lindsay Lohan

These reckless, clueless stars that constitute young Hollywood have been dragging the industry down in a mighty way.

They’ve stripped Hollywood of its glamour and faux dignity, replacing it with appalling behavior that sets new lows each month.

These women don’t stand for anything other than vapid press quotes, fake poses and phony relationships for publicity.

They helped to send Hollywood’s stock down in a major way with their shenanigans and lack of class.

Hollywood used to be able to control its stars. It clearly can’t anymore. It’s amazing, in an industry that loves to orchestrate everything, blacklist and blackball, these vapid stars are allowed to represent it to the nation and the world in such a poor way. They get the press coverage and are helping to tank the industry faster than piracy.

As an industry, this is not putting your best foot forward. Between crazy Cruise and co’s Scientology gibberish, Kabbalah’s craziness and the trainwreck stars mentioned above who are under its control, Hollywood is in big trouble.

Lowest Ratings Ever for Oscar Broadcast

LOS ANGELES, February 26: The Academy Awards broadcast on ABC on Sunday night attracted an average of 32 million viewers; the lowest on record since Nielsen Media Research began compiling the data in 1974.


The three-hour-long event, hosted by Jon Stewart, had an 18.7 household rating and a 29 share, reports indicate, down from the 23.6 rating and 37 share nabbed last year…

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