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“My, My, My” – Johnny Gill And Eddie Murphy

February 28, 2008
February 27. 2008

Tracey Edmonds: I’ve got Eddie Murphy!

Johnny Gill: No, you don’t girlfriend!

What do we have here. First Eddie Murphy’s other ex-girlfriend, Melanie Brown, does an interview saying there were things about Eddie’s lifestyle she wasn’t prepared to deal with because she has children and there were people coming and going at his house late at night. Then I thought, but Eddie has kids too – whatever could she mean.

Tracey: “we all know the truth” Johnny
Me: do pray tell, what do you mean


Now, this week talented singer Johnny Gill did an interview with the Doug Banks radio show that many online believe implies something is going on between him and Eddie Murphy, which wasn’t helped by a press release issued from the latter’s former irate girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds.

Babyface and Tracey Edmonds

You should have stuck with Babyface. At least he wasn’t caught with a tranny in his car and doesn’t have a tall, dark, handsome negro living in his house. Johnny, please tell me you’re not swinging that way (just ruin all my childhood memories of you, why don’t you!).

For years rumors have dogged Eddie and Johnny, who lives in his mansion in Los Angeles. Both deny it, but this recent incident only renewed those claims.

Johnny Gill: “One of Tracey’s guests said some things that were inappropriate that triggered everything with the mom, and that’s how it all started.”

Tracey Edmonds: “I was very shocked and disappointed to hear of Johnny Gill’s false spin on the chain of events surrounding our wedding. His outrageous lies were clearly a very desperate and pathetic attempt to clean up his reputation at my expense. I would appreciate it if Mr. Gill would refrain from continuing to spread false gossip and lies to the public, and allow everyone involved to move on with their lives. We all know the real truth.” (link)

Johnny sang “Congratulations” by Vesta at Eddie and Tracey’s wedding (just kidding)

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