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Lohan Settles One Of Her Drunk Driving Lawsuits

February 27, 2008
Speaking Of Rumheads…

February 26. 2008

Lindsay Takes A Dive

Alcohol vat, Lindsay Lohan, has settled a drunk driving lawsuit with a busboy that sued her for $200,000. The busboy alleged she was drunk after lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles, then got behind the wheel and smashed into his vehicle. He even presented her receipt with a lot of liquor on the tab as evidence.

Considering she has been busted for drunk driving with not only a blood alcohol level over the legal limit each time, but drugs on her person as well, there’s pretty much a pattern of her doing this.

Lindsay says she is now sober. In unrelated news, here is footage from a couple days ago of Lindsay leaving a club drunk, falling over on her way to her vehicle, and a man having to pick her up off the ground. Classy! (not).

You know, you going out to these Hollywood clubs known for drugs and alcohol is not helping. It’s like a reformed crack user hanging out at the crackhouse. It just won’t work.

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