Fergie Sued For Stealing From Indie Artist

February 26, 2008
Fergie Used Song Without Permission Or Payment To The Writer

Fergalicious” Thiefalicious

February 25. 2008

In an industry devoid of creativity and respect for domestic and international law, singer Fergie has been sued by a South Florida indie artist, Derrick Rahming, for illegally using his copyrighted song without permission.

Fergie gave him credit on her album The Dutchess, hoping to appease him if he found out, but NEVER ASKED FOR OR RECEIVED PERMISSION TO USE HIS COPYRIGHTED SONG AND DID NOT PAY HIM.

Fergie, I ask you, if someone stole your vehicle, opting to give you credit by keeping your name on the title, while they keep it and use it however they feel, stealing it in violation of the law, would you think it appropriate conduct? Because that’s what you’ve done to Rahming.¬†

If someone stole the four figure Hermes bag you are clutching in the picture posted below and did whatever they felt with it, would you consider that appropriate or stealing, as everyone else knows it to be:

(photo courtesy of Pop Sugar)



Things aren’t so Fergalicious for Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. A copyright infringement lawsuit has been filed against the singer — real name Stacey Ferguson — for her 2006 hit Fergalicious. The suit, filed by Broward-based songwriter and performing artist Derrick Rahming, also known as Afro Rican, and Afro Rican Publishing and Hip Rock Entertainment, claim a portion of Rahming’s song Give It All You Got was used without permission.

The suit was filed in the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida by entertainment attorney Richard C. Wolfe of Miami-based law firm Wolfe & Goldstein P.A.

”Derrick Rahming registered his copyrights in a proper and timely fashion,” said Wolfe. ”Fergie acknowledges her use of Rahming’s work in the album credits. However, at no time did Rahming give permission to Fergie to use his composition or sound recording. Rahming will seek disgorgement of Fergie’s profits, which resulted from her unauthorized utilization of his copyrighted work.” Calls to Fergie’s management were not returned by press time. http://www.miamiherald.com

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