Former Clinton Campaign Manager Endorses Barack Obama

February 22, 2008
February 21. 2008

Boy, everybody’s jumping ship on Hillary. Bill Clinton’s former campaign manager and head of the Democratic National Committee, David Wilhelm, has endorsed Obama. Ouch!

Several notable, publicized defections of former Clinton comrades hasn’t helped her cause. Hillary knows it too. She’s not saying, “When I become President” anymore. She’s saying, “If I become President.” She’s lost 10 primaries in a row. Maybe people are getting tired of the baggage that came with that era in politics. I also think the Obama/Clinton ticket would be a bad idea.

At first they kept attributing Obama’s wins to it being “a black state.” Utah a black state? Iowa a black state? (or New Hampshire for that matter). Show of hands, how many of you know black people from Utah or Iowa. Yea, me neither.

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