Madonna Jumping On Bandwagons Again

February 20, 2008
Madonna Rips Off Kylie Again

February 19. 2008


Madonna has been accused numerous times by audiences of ripping off Australian singer Kylie Minogue. Just days after Kylie Minogue premiered her new video last month titled “Wow” which features her wearing a latex cat suit and heels, dancing, while flanked by dancers, Madonna placed an article in the Mirror and other publications right after, proclaiming her forthcoming yet to be shot video would feature her, you guessed it, wearing a latex cat suit and heels, dancing, flanked by dancers.

However, so it wouldn’t be 100 % like Kylie’s, only 95% like Kylie’s, there will be a scene of Justin Timberlake and Timberland as her sex slaves. Madonna just loves acting like people are slaves, doesn’t she – and just in time for Black History Month. The video reportedly also has a scene of her trying to seduce Justin Timberlake –Aisha gagging-.

Because that’s what everyone wants to see – a 50 year old, African baby stealing, botoxed up, disco gyrating, kooky, lunatic lip-syncer that just had more plastic surgery than the Simpson sisters combined, stalking and sexually assaulting a singer half her age on camera. That should be illegal –Aisha gagging again-. Um, wait a minute, didn’t she do this before in 2003 in another video with a young artist.

Note: please remember to boycott her forthcoming copyright infringing album. Thanks.

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