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President Putin Takes A Shot At Hillary Clinton

February 16, 2008
No, Not Literally – A Verbal Shot

February 15. 2008

Russian President Vladimir Putin shot back at a comment Hillary Clinton made about him in the press. While in New Hampshire Hillary said Putin, “Doesn’t have a soul.”

Putin has now fired back stating, “At a minimum, a head of state should have a head.”

I don’t know about you, but I think he just called her a dumb blonde. Either that or it was a comment about Hillary’s mullet overtaking her head. See, even Russians know that’s a mullet. Like I said a few months ago, you can’t be president and have a mullet.

Putin: she said vwhat?

Seriously, as if U.S./Russian relations weren’t strained enough, you had to go make that statement about him. Is that your idea of diplomacy, Hillary.

With the communist block already up in arms over Bush’s crazy, ill-advised, penetrable missile shield (which is essentially U.S. missiles placed in other countries pointing at other countries like Russia) would it not be wise to try and calm tensions, rather than inflaming them.

Why keep pouring gasoline on the fire with these needless offenses. You’re just showing the world why you should not get the nomination or be president. Your outlook is too limited and undiplomatic unlike your top rival for the nomination.

No mullet is an island, Hillary. Um, I mean, no man is an island.

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