Madonna’s Kabbalah Fundraiser Firm In Trouble

February 16, 2008
Firm Under Investigation By The State Of New York

Second Fashion House Accused Of Bribery

February 15. 2008

Lawbreaking troublemaker Madonna has gotten UNICEF employees in trouble via that publicity stunt she called a charity event, which sought to improperly use the United Nations’ name without authorization.

She is so destructive. Nothing good ever comes from her.

Madonna’s so called charities affiliated with the Kabbalah cult have very dubious histories. They are notorious for spending huge sums of money on salary for Kabbalah cult members (in the six figures) and very little on actual charity work (in the four figures). She is listed as an employee of each of the charities.

The PR firm attached to the event is also in trouble with the State of New York. It’s ironic, just last week I asked if that animal Madonna was trying to bribe the U.N. in light of the fact that she’s broken more of their laws than any civilian in history.

This week, it has been revealed the firm that handled Madonna’s phony charity event, has been formally accused of bribery, hence the State of New York investigation.

UNICEF/Madonna Fundraiser Mired in Controversy

Thursday, February 14, 2008 10:40 AM – Madonna’s recent controversial fundraiser for UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) has taken a new twist.

The public relations firm which ran the extravaganza, is under investigation by the state of New York….

United Nations sources tell NewsMax that the event and its administration violated numerous United Nations rules and regulations.

The blame for what is now termed a fiasco, has been placed on several U.N. officials including Ann Veneman (UNICEF chief), Alicia Barcena Ibarra (under secretary-general for management) and Ahmad Fawzi (director radio-TV operations).

There is talk inside UNICEF that Veneman, a former U.S. secretary of agriculture who was appointed in 2005, may not serve her full five-year term.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was so upset about the administration of the fundraiser that he canceled his appearance at the event and left New York City early for a visit to Chicago.

Now, the public relations firm KCD International, retained by Gucci to administer the UNICEF bash, is under a formal investigation by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. In an complaint released a day after the UNICEF event, Cuomo alleges that Mark Jacobs International, a New York City fashion house, repeatedly bribed the superintendent of the 69th Regiment Armory, James Jackson, for use of the Armory.

The Mark Jacobs’ public relations firm, like Gucci/UNICEF, is KCD International. As in the Gucci/UNICEF case, KCD was looking for unusual, high profile locations to host its events. Cuomo alleges that the bribes paid to Jackson by Jacobs were laundered through KCD.

In other Mad-onna news, critics are “savaging” the so called film she allegedly directed. Based on what’s been posted online, it sounds like a nonsensical, twisted, convoluted mess.

But time will tell whether she stole this one or not, as that’s clearly the only thing she is good for in light of the fact that she’s stolen so many songs and films from different people all over the globe that later sued her for it. She is such a fraud.

Daily Mail complied quotes:

Screen International’s Jonathan Romney: “While Filth And Wisdom may not quite inhabit the same Hall of Shame as Shanghai Surprise, Body Of Evidence and (God save us) Swept Away, it’s likely to be forgotten as quickly as most of them.” He did go on, however, to declare it “no better or worse than the average creaky low-budget Britflick”.

The Evening Standard’s Derek Malcolm: “Madonna has far to go before she can breathe the same air as Godard, Pasolini, Fellini and Visconti, whom she insists she admires in a director’s statement in which two of the four are misspelt.”

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw wrote that the script is a “night-mare of crass and fatuous stereotypes” and “despite living in Britain for many years, she only has the sketchiest notion of what the place is like. Madonna has been a terrible actor in many, many films and now – fiercely aspirational as ever – she has graduated to being a terrible director.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Ray Bennett described the film as “ragged and uneven” with some “dire dialogue and performances.”

Germany’s Die Tageszeitung announced: “Madonna can’t act, and now we know that she can’t direct either … Every plotline in the film is meaningless, and all the actors are rather bad.”

Die Welt added: “Time and again she thrusts herself on to the big screen, and each time she is spurned and ridiculed by audiences and critics alike.”

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