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Roger Clemens Testifies In Congress

February 14, 2008
Discrepancies Pop Up

February 13. 2008

I watched Major League pitcher Roger Clemens televised testimony in Congress today and sadly it was riddled with contradictions. Apparently, I am not the only one that thinks this, as numerous articles have been written noting the discrepancies that even members of Congress picked up on during the hearings.

Clemens spoke well of his friend that made the allegations about him using steroids, via saying Roger told him he’d used “Human Growth Hormone” also known as HGH. It’s regrettable that it had to come to this, but clearly there is a problem in baseball (and music) with illegal steroid use.

“Lawyer: Clemens’ testimony not credible”

Pitcher’s performance could result in perjury charges

WASHINGTON — Roger Clemens was unconvincing in his testimony before Congress and may have opened himself up to federal perjury charges, a legal expert told MLB.com on Wednesday.

Katherine Darmer, a former assistant U.S. attorney in New York and an expert on criminal procedure, said that Clemens did not come across as credible and that it would not be surprising to see the former big league hurler experience more legal troubles in days to come.

“I thought Roger Clemens did not come across well,” said Darmer, a professor of law at Chapman (Calif.) University. “Coming at it from pretty much an open mind, I just thought he was not credible. He’s obviously got a lot to lose with his denials, but if I were his lawyer or his family, I’d be worried about perjury charges.” http://mlb.mlb.com

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