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The Paris Hilton Doll

February 9, 2008

Warner Music lip-syncer Paris Hilton is embroiled in a number of lawsuits for her misconduct that caused others injury and or financial loss. She currently has separate lawsuits against her for slander, defamation and copyright theft. Role model she is not.

Furthermore, I think we can all pretty much agree that Paris Hilton is the worst role model for girls. That didn’t stop her from getting her own doll. Yes, baffling, I know.

The doll comes with a bag and weave brush. But the burning question is does the doll come with Herpes too. They could at least make it realistic – a doll with a Valtrex prescription and bottle, that belches out racial slurs.

Show young girls what it’s really like to be Paris, lest they follow her sexually reckless, racist escapades.

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