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UN Calling For Investigation Of Madonna’s “Inappropriate” Use Of Their Name

February 6, 2008
UN Chief: “They Went A Little Too Far”

February 5. 2008Β 

Photo from the Daily Mail

Madonna, a vile pop star who has violated more UN laws and treaties than any civilian in history, has run afoul of the United Nations for “inappropriately” using their name for an unregistered charity and event they have not endorsed.

Her insidious Kabbalah cult, which appallingly touts “Inducing Schizophrenia” in people, and one of its unregistered, public fleecing, alleged charities, Raising Malawi, have been using the UN name without permission as an endorsement.

Considering Kabbalah has resulted in the hospitalization of a number of its members, some of them high profile and suffering from schizophrenia, having to be admitted to psych wards of numerous medical facilities all over the world, they had no business using an international governing body, that is supposed to be neutral, to prop up their sick cult.

As I wrote in 2005, my aunt has served as head of UNESCO for Jamaica. The goal of UN organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF is to promote human rights, not some cult’s dangerous private agenda. Kabbalah views Malawi as an indoctrination camp, labor camp and sweat shop.

Why is Madonna so desperate to latch onto UNICEF and the UN all of a sudden, to the point that she has embarrassed herself with this disgraceful, arrogant faux pas:

Official Calls Gucci’s Use of UN Inappropriate, Sees Need for Madonna Inquiry, UNICEF Silent

Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis

Video here from minute 19:13

UNITED NATIONS, February 4 — Asked about the propriety of Gucci using the UN’s North Lawn to promote a store opening, and whether the UN should have inquired into whether Madonna’s “Raising Malawi” entity is a registered non-profit organization, UN Under Secretary-General for Management Alicia Barcena on Monday said Gucci’s ad is inappropriate, and that UNICEF should have investigated “Raising Malawi.” For the rest of the story click here

Gucci’s Use of UN “Worries” Ban Ki-moon, May Not Attend Madonna Event Now, Staffer Says

Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis

UNITED NATIONS, February 4 — Less than forty-eight hours before the Gucci-sponsored event on the UN’s North Lawn, held in the name of UNICEF and of Madonna’s organization Raising Malawi, Vijay Nambiar, chief of staff to Ban Ki-moon, told Inner City Press that “I don’t know how such things happen… Gucci went a little too far.”

Inner City Press had asked him the same question earlier asked of Under Secretary General for Management Alicia Barcena: what about Gucci’s press release saying that the UN event would “celebrate” the opening of a Gucci flagship store on Fifth Avenue? Mr. Nambiar shook his head, saying that Ban Ki-moon had been “planning to go, but now… he is getting himself a little worried about it.” He said, “how you build it up is most important, there always a danger“…for the rest of the article click here

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