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Please Boycott Janet Jackson’s New Infringing CD “Discipline”

February 1, 2008


Please BOYCOTT JANET JACKSON’S new album DISCIPLINE (Island/Def Jam Records). It has blatant copyright infringements on it, containing YEARS OLD music and lyrics illegally stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog. They even recorded it here in Miami.

The same team responsible for the Beyonce/Jay-Z thefts listed here and the Rihanna/Jay-Z infringements (Def Jam/Island), also did the Janet Jackson “Discipline” album. I will post the comparative lyrics and music shortly to illustrate the clear cases of deliberate “criminal copyright infringement” on Jackson’s CD.

But for now, please boycott her album across the board, as this is one of the most offensive of all the thefts. Is she this desperate to make a comeback. At age 40, you shouldn’t be ripping off artists younger than you are and spouting off crude lyrics claiming you’re “heavy like a first day period.” Nasty, indeed.

Why can’t artists learn to age gracefully and accept that they won’t be on top forever. Coincidentally, Janet and Beyonce have been separately sued by Des’Ree for stealing and lost.

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