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LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit (1-31-08)

February 1, 2008

LEGAL FILE Madonna Lawsuit

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the Judiciary Report web site that describes something that happened recently regarding the FBI:

FBI Director Robert Mueller

“If I hadn’t been told by a very credible source that you cheated on your wife, I’d wonder if you’d been castrated, getting vengeful in that manner, retaliating against a woman (Sibel Edmonds). And please deny it, so you can get caught in a lie – and considering I was the first to write about certain FBI Patriot Act abuses in my December 2006 Sound Off Column that the DOJ Inspector General, Glenn Fine, found to be true three months later in March 2007, I’m not the one with the history of lying. But keep having Miami FBI lawyers (Mr. Novice and Mr. Luders – January 2008) call me playing with me asking me questions they already know the answers to, about that case where my very life was placed in jeopardy, and all your business is going to end up on this site. But enough about me…” click here for full article


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