Morton: Scientology Broke Up Cruise Marriage

January 30, 2008
Kidman Labeled “Suppressive Person” and a “Potential Trouble Source”

January 30. 2008 

Tom “Placenta” Cruise

Litigious Scientology chairman, David Miscavige, wanted actor Tom Cruise all to himself and viewed Nicole Kidman as a threat, due to the fact her father is a psychologist and she is a Catholic. According to Andrew Morton, author of the best selling bio on Cruise, Scientology called Cruise in after Kidman did an interview revealing she did not identify with the cult.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman later miscarried, but saved the placenta to prove to Cruise that it was indeed his child. Why did you save the placenta. You know he’ll just eat it (Tom Cruise said in a well publicized interview that he was going to “eat the placenta” from his current wife’s pregnancy because “it’s nutritious”). Ok, I’m going to end this article now, because I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. 

Katie Holmes


Q: You also say in your book that Scientology is to blame for Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s breakup.

A: What happened is that Nicole started to pull away from Scientology. She said in an interview … that there was a little bit of Scientology in her, a little bit of Buddhism but also Catholicism. That sent alarm bells ringing inside Scientology … and Tom was sent in and took this course which is called a PTSSP course, which is to basically anchor yourself to the faith and to treat the outside world with more suspicion because it is a self-contained cocooned world. You become more distant from the people who no longer believe in you, who no longer believe in the faith, and one of those was Nicole Kidman.

Having said all that, when Nicole was sitting after the breakup and sobbing into her handkerchief and saying to her friend, “Why did he leave?” she had no real answer…She was always seen as somewhat of a problem because her father is a psychiatrist and Scientologists loathe psychiatry.

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